Corporate Dissolutions for only $99.00

When a company has run its course, it’s important to officially dissolve that company so as to avoid any additional fees, assessments, taxes, or other liabilities. Until you receive a formal letter of dissolution from the Secretary of State, your business remains exposed to financial liabilities. Click and Inc will help you dissolve your business for just $99.00 plus local filing fees.

click and inc will help you dissolve your incorporated business

Who needs to dissolve?

Corporations, foreign corporations, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, and other business entities must be dissolved through a formal dissolution filing with the state in which they are registered. When these types of business are no longer needed or required, it is important that they follow the proper, legal steps to dissolve, cancel, or withdraw their business.

When should a company dissolve?

There are many reasons for a corporate dissolution or withdrawal. The most common reason for dissolving a company is going out of business. When a company is no longer proving profitable to its owners, the owners may choose to dissolve the business rather than invest further capital of their own to keep it running.

Foreign corporations may choose to withdraw their foreign certification or foreign qualification once they have completed their work in a particular state. In this instance, the business is not going out of business, but simply no longer needs the additional overhead involved with remaining registered as a foreign corporation in that particular state.

Why Click and Inc?

Click and Inc specializes in business filings throughout the country. We have helped countless entrepreneurs and small business owners with filings to both initiate their business and to dissolve their business. Our familiarity with these filings and with the governing agencies at each state ensures that your filing is completed correctly and quickly.

How will my corporate dissolution work?

Our process is simple. We’ll ask for a few details about your incorporated business. After that, we’ll determine exactly how to file your corporate dissolution based on what you tell us about your business. Then, we'll coordinate and prepare all of the official forms and documents so that you can have the confidence that you are dissolving your company in accordance with local regulations.

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