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Why Click?

Incorporating online is an attractive prospect to many business owners—the day-to-day life of a small business owner doesn't always leave extra time for taking out money orders or tracking down faxes—but despite this, there are many states that don't offer the ability to incorporate online. That's where Click and Inc comes in.

Click makes it simple.

Click brings the convenience of online filing to our customers while we take care of the legwork. Our online incorporation order system is designed to gather the information required for your specific circumstances. Behind the scenes, we'll assemble and draft the required forms, contact the appropriate government offices as necessary—we'll even act as Incorporator, so in many cases, you won't even have to sign! And if we do have any questions about your order or issues that need clarifying, one of our friendly, knowledgeable incorporation specialists will contact you right away.

Click gives me the personal attention I deserve.

The key difference between Click and other online incorporation companies is that we have a small, dynamic core team, dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction. We will never treat you like a number. You'll never be stuck bouncing between customer service representatives, explaining your situation over and over again—we give you the personal attention you deserve, from start to finish. And our post-incorporation services and support will continue to be right there with you, long after the ink on your formation paperwork has dried.

Click gets it done faster.

When you work with Click, you'll never have to wonder if your paperwork is sitting in a pile of mail somewhere. With our 24-hour submission service, our dedicated incorporation specialists ensure that your documents are sent out for filing just as soon as they can be—if your signature is required or if further action is necessary on your part before we're able to proceed, you'll know just as soon as we know. And our Priority return service means that not only will your filed document be sent to you via trackable Priority mail—we'll also scan your filed documents and upload them to your secure customer log-in page just as soon as we receive them, ensuring that you have immediate documentation.

Click leaves more money in my pocket.

Incorporation services and LLC formation services are high-profit areas of corporate law practices. In many law offices, incorporation services consist of an attorney gathering the required information from his or her client, then handing that information to an assistant or secretary to assemble the required documents from there. Legal advice is crucial—but we believe it's possible to offer a comprehensive, accurate incorporation service without the high corporate attorney fees.

We don't have legal assistants or secretaries inflating the cost of your business incorporation service. While we don't give you legal advice as far as what specific entity type is right for you or how many corporate shares you should offer, we do strive to provide you with the relevant information so that you, along with your lawyer or legal advisor, can make your own choices. In other words: you tell us what you want, and we make it happen.

The result? Astonishingly low costs for our services compared to what you might pay a corporate attorney.

Click gives me more.

When you place an online incorporation order, it isn't just filed Articles of Incorporation and a state ID number that you'll receive. Click gives you everything you need to hit the ground running—customized stock certificates, corporate bylaws, initial corporate minutes, payroll processing, detailed post-incorporation steps, and even your fully drafted EIN application. And most of the documents we provide are fully editable, so you can add any special clauses along the way.

That's why.

Click and Inc brings you professionalism, personal attention, and accuracy, every single time. Contact us to find out how we can help your business succeed, or take a closer look at how to incorporate!

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