Corporate Seals, Corporate Kits, And Stock Certificates

Complete Corporate Kits for just $199.00

Corporate Seals, Corporate Kits And Stock Certificates Click and Inc

Incorporating a business is a complicated process. Don’t drown underneath all the paperwork—Click Industries provides corporate kits and seals for the entrepreneur who wishes to keep his or her corporate documents in order and easily accessible.

Our corporate kit includes a 290-sheet-capacity, 1 ¼” binder with your corporate name embossed in gold across the spine, giving you places to store all of your important documents—Articles of Incorporation, bylaws, minutes, stock certificates, and more—as well as detailed instructions on how to properly set up and maintain your corporate records. Sample bylaws are included, which can be modified or replaced at any time, as well as other customizable form templates, documents, and information to get you started on the right path to an organized, easy-to-reference corporate record book.

Also included with this kit is our high-quality corporate seal. Provided in an attractive Naugahyde carrying pouch, our corporate seals are fully customizable and contain your corporate name, state, and year of incorporation. Lightweight and handy, our corporate seals are ruggedly constructed of epoxy-coated steel and built to last.

Regardless of your type of business, corporate seals are not required by your government, and they won’t make your business any more “official” than it already is—but our popular corporate seals allow corporations, LLCs, and DBAs alike to lend an extra touch of class and professionalism to their business documents.

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