Customized Corporate Bylaws For Just $89

What are corporate bylaws?

Corporate bylaws are equivalent to a partnership's partnership agreement or an LLC's operating agreement. Corporate bylaws govern the way the shareholders and officers conduct the business affairs of a corporation. The custom-drafted corporate bylaws we provide for you governs things like:

  • The rights, duties, and obligations of the shareholders and officers;
  • How often the shareholders of the corporation will have meetings;
  • The number of shareholders required to call for a meeting;
  • The quorum of shareholders needed to transact business at meetings;
  • How shareholders will vote for directors;
  • How shareholders can remove one or more directors;
  • The duties of each officer;
  • How disputes among shareholders will be handled;
  • Rules for how shareholders can transfer their ownership insterest;
  • Whether shareholders will have preemptive rights;
  • How many shareholders it takes to amend the articles of incorporation; and
  • General matters concerning dissolution of the corporation, etc.

Why do you need Corporate Bylaws?

There are three main reasons why you need to have Corporate Bylaws on file:

  • To govern how owners of the corporation interact with each other with regard to the business of the corporation; the conduct of its affairs; and the rights, duties and power of the shareholders and officers;
  • To satisfy the requirements of many banks in order to open a business banking account; and
  • To avoid piercing the corporate veil in situations where the corporation is sued.

Why should I get my corporate bylaws from Click?

Click and Inc makes the process of drafting your corporate bylaws simple. Instead of coming up with your own bylaws from scratch, try our simple order process. We ask you targeted questions about your business, which we then use to draft the complete bylaws, ensuring your information gets placed into the right sections in the proper bylaws format. Those completed bylaws are completed within the hour and ready for download.

When you open your downloaded bylaws, you'll find that the document is fully editable. Instead of providing your bylaws in a fixed PDF, we provide them in Word format so that you can add any specific clauses your legal advisor may direct you to, or edit the document as your business grows and changes.

Along with your customized, editable bylaws document, we'll also provide you with customized, full-color, professional stock certificates, free of charge.

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