What is a Corporate Seal?

corporate seal

Corporate seal for Businesses and Incorporations

At one time, a corporate seal was the official way to emboss a document to certify it as being legal or otherwise important. But, that was many years ago. Corporate seals became dinosaurs when copy machines, fax machines, and technology in general reduced the need and necessity of having an “original stamped copy” of something in your hand.


NO. Don’t be fooled by any incorporation service that tells you that a corporate seal embosser is necessary. It is not. No state, no bank (that we know of) … basically nobody requires a corporate seal for anything. When was the last time you saw a document (other than one that came from the state) that was embossed with a corporate seal? It might be neat to have a corporate seal for your new company, but it isn’t at all necessary for any business incorporation.

However, many business owners do want to have a corporate seal for there most important documents.  A custom corporate seal lends recognizable authenticity to your documents. Click&Inc sells high quality corporate seals for a very reasonable $45, which includes 2-day priority shipping.

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All of our corporate seals are:

  • Lightweight and handy, this seal is the economical choice for clean, sharp impressions.
  • Ruggedly constructed of epoxy coated steel for long wear.
  • Shipped with a handy vinyl case for easy carry/storage of your corporate seal!

If you want a corporate seal, you won’t find a better, or a sturdier one. A corporate seal can’t make your business any more official than it already is, but if you want to add some “officialness” to your documents, you’ll love this corporate seal.

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If you haven’t incorporated your business, you may want to do that before you order a corporate seal.

Incorporate online with Click&Inc for as little as $157 (plus state filing fees). Every business incorporation or llc formation package includes:

  • Preliminary business name search
  • Articles of incorporation professionally drafted & filed with the Secretary of State.
  • 21 page customized corporate bylaws or llc operating agreement
  • Initial corporate minutes of the board of directors (corporations only)
  • Action by Incorporator
  • Personalized stock certificates and a stock ledger with all owners’ names and number of shares
  • Post-incorporation information for your state, including how to get state business licenses, sales tax applications, where to file your corporation’s annual report and more.
  • Free month of payroll processing from & waiver of all set up fees ($250 value)
  • A Free website for your new business & 12 months of free hosting from ($191 value)