How to Incorporate

Every state is different, and the exact business incorporation requirements vary across the board. But depending on the specifics of your order, your path to incorporation will generally follow these four steps:

  1. Complete our simple online forms. You’ll give us the name you’d like to use for your corporation, as well as an alternate name to use in case your first choice is not available in your state. Then, answer the rest of our simple questions and tell us a little bit more about your business.
  2. We’ll draft your incorporation paperwork. We will sign as your Incorporator, the party that actually files the document with the state. If we have any questions for you or need something clarified, we’ll contact you to figure it out. And if the state requires your signature on any of the forms, we’ll send the necessary documents to you, along with detailed instructions on how to sign and where to return it.
  3. We’ll incorporate your business with the state. When your paperwork is all set to go, we’ll submit it to the state—along with the filing fee, which was included in your total order fee—for filing. The filing time will depend on your state and can range anywhere from nearly immediately to 6 weeks or more, but don’t worry: we’ll keep you posted on estimated filing times so you know what to expect.
  4. We’ll send your filed formation documents to you. As soon as we receive your filed Articles of Incorporation, we’ll give you your state filing date and business ID number, and we’ll scan the documents for you before sending them back to you (either regular mail or Priority, whichever you select). Congratulations—you’ve just incorporated a business!

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