Copyright License Agreement

Allow Others to Use Your Material Without Giving Up Your Rights

A Copyright License Agreement can used in a wide variety of contexts, typically for a fee, whenever one party is licensing use of their copyrighted material to another party for specific purposes but retaining the ownership rights for themselves.

With a license agreement, the copyright owner has complete control over the terms of the license. Our Copyright License form allows you to specify:

  • The specific nature of the use (using a song for a commercial, using a painting for an advertisement, etc.)
  • The total amount of the material to be used (10 seconds of a song, the entire software code with no alterations, etc.)
  • The compensation required for the license (typically a monetary fee, but sometimes a simple request to credit the original author)
  • The length of time the license is good for
  • How the license can be renewed or voided
  • Whether the licensee is allowed to pass the license on to other users

As the copyright owner, you get to call the shots—and Click&Inc makes it easy.

Our Copyright License Agreements come with complete instructions and are provided as a fully editable Word document for immediate download. Just fill in the blanks to tailor the form to your situation, or change anything else you like!

Copyright License Agreement
Fully editable Word document; available for immediate download; comes with complete instructions.
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Includes all four of our Intellectual Property business forms.

Remember: A Copyright License Agreement is used to allow someone else to use your material for a specific purpose, while you retain ownership yourself. If you’d like to permanently transfer your complete ownership rights, take a look at the Copyright Assignment Form.