Foreign Corporation Filings

Business is booming, and you want to reach new markets across state borders. However, many companies are so eager to meet this new opportunity that they forget about the necessary paperwork—a costly mistake. With few exceptions, businesses that plan to operate in states other than their domestic state (the state in which they first incorporated) must first register in each new state as a foreign corporation. This is the case for most entity types: for-profit corporations, non-profit corporations, and LLCs alike. Foreign filing is similar to the incorporation process, but it also serves to tie your existing business to the new state.

Each state is different; just as each state has specific requirements for their formation documents, each state also has separate and distinct forms that must be completed for foreign corporations. Additionally, most states require specific documentation to ensure that you've remained in compliance in your original state, typically in the form of a Certificate of Good Standing (sometimes known as a Certificate of Status or Certificate of Existence). Other states require a certified copy of your formation documents as proof of your existence.

The good news is that you don't have to be overwhelmed by these requirements. Click and Inc makes it easy to register your corporation or LLC in a new state, leaving you free to focus on getting the new extension of your business up and running.

Our foreign corporation filing services provide everything you might need to expand your business into a new state, including:

  • Certificate of Good Standing (or other required documentation) from a state where your business is already registered;
  • Foreign Corporation Filing in the new state; and
  • Registered Agent Service in the new state.

Don't get caught operating in another state before you've registered—you could be looking at hefty fines or other penalties. Let Click and Inc help you stay on top of the requirements when growing your business.

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