501c3 Application Preparation

We will send a list of questions designed to solicit information that is required to complete Form 1023. We will also review all of your other documents (bylaws, conflict of interest form, Articles of Incorporation) and look for any potential red flags, making your application as complete and unquestionable as possible. We will also provide you with a financial sheet template for you to make estimates about the amount of income your organization will bring in and the amount of expenses your organization intends to have. The IRS requires three years of estimates. We will help you decide what is reasonable and make sure the financial sheet makes sense, matches Form 1023, and does not raise any red flags.

The entire application will be sent to you for your approval, as well as explicit instructions for you to mail the application to the IRS. The IRS will process the application, and if they have additional questions, they will mail you an information request sheet. With your assistance, we will complete a response to their request.